Strangely Brilliant

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 in Think

Dog Window product on Data Dog Marketing's BlogCreativity never ceases to amaze me. Peoples’ ability to design and develop ideas into working products is, perhaps, the fuel of a growing economy. Here are some incredibly interesting ideas that combine form with function.

The deck is 42 slides long, and each one offers a surprising solution. The title, “Idee davverio strane ma geniali” is Italian for “Very Strange but Brilliant Ideas.” I don’t find these ideas strange at all, in fact I am astonished that designers have created them. I especially like the flip-flop drink coasters.

Slideshow on Brilliant products on Data Dog Marketing R&D Blog


Take a look and let me know about your next brilliant invention, idea, or concept.

Johnathan Crawford of Data Dog Marketing

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